Your Best In Every Moment

Welcome to Maxima Quest Learning Solutions

MAXIMA QUEST LEARNING SOLUTIONS (Pty) Ltd is a privately-owned entity passionate about empowering individuals to develop awareness, build character and the capacity that allows them to radiate their best selves outward. Their learning methodology follows an inside-out philosophy which deems the individual as the most fundamental unit of learning. Strong personal leadership sets the foundation for interpersonal connection, which in turn translates into the learning and leadership outputs that make teams, organisations and communities strong.

BBBEE Rating Level 1 Contributor


MAXIMA QUEST LEARNING SOLUTIONS (Pty) Ltd connects  with clients to co-create desired learning, development and leadership solutions. The focus remains systemic including a process diagnostic which ensures that solutions and value are pitched at the correct level.


Our individualised approach enables Your Best in every moment.

MAXIMA QUEST refers to the Journey of Greatness that lies within each of us, and we believe that our approach, services and tools will help individuals to make inroads into their path. We acknowledge that the road is not always easy, and that it is often less about the distance than the experiences along the way. Each person has a unique journey and destination; our work acknowledges that people development can never be a one-mould approach. And we are passionate about the mutual learning that comes from mindful dialogue, creativity and fun!

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  • Passion is the ultimate driver of sustained growth.
  • Our philosophy and work is Holistic and People-centred.
  • Process drives systemic influence and impact.


  • Facilitating Connection that catalyses change.
  • Our work demands love, regard, Congruence and Courage as we allow people to explore their personal and professional development.


We have offered our services to clients in various industries. Previous clients include: